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Agricol is a prestigious seed company that has made deep inroads into the South African and international markets for over 50 years. With the creation of Agricol Niche Brands we are able to make commodities supplied by Agricol available to a wider clientele. Agricol is the No.1 sunflower and forage seed company in South Africa.

Some highlights:

Grass seeds: Used by top golf estates, 75% of the 2010 Soccer World Cup fields and major sport stadiums!
Bird feed: Agricol is a high quality provider of bird nutrition with national distribution.
Health seeds: Preferred choice of leading bakeries.
Vegetable seed: A comprehensive range of high quality seeds at great prices.
Fertilizer: Our products contain high ratio of active ingredients at competitive rates.

Animalzone is a highly respected international pet food brand, which was developed after years of research to cater for the health and nutrtional needs of parrots and parakeets. Our food products are designed to provide a complete and balance diet for birds. Animalzone works closely together with Nutrition Hub, who provide comprehensive animal feed and nutrition support services on an ongoing basis.

Some highlights:

With a specific focus on parrot nutrition and health products, the premium Animalzone range includes bestsellers such as Parrot Food Plumage EnhancerMuesli and Parrot Fruit Chunks – all of which are a completely balanced diet. The health supplements include SpirulinaStress and Vitamin Powder and even a Vita Tea. Animalzone also features Rabbit FoodHamster Food and a variety of products for non-feathered pets.